Polaroids with Santa get students into holiday spirit


Andrea Schlitt

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Senior Peter Kim (right), dressed as Santa, poses with a student for a polaroid picture. Students lined up to get their picture taken on Dec. 3 to celebrate the fourth day of Holiday Week. Photo by Andrea Schlitt.

Students’ excited responses to the long needed sound of rain on a Thursday afternoon were met with equally excited chatter and smiles at ASB president senior Peter Kim dressed up in a Santa suit, standing in front of a Christmas tree.

“Santa is Korean!” Kim said as students broke out into laughter.

Sophomore Gill Wang holds up her polaroids. She believed that the event was an exciting way to get ready for the holidays. Photo used with permission of Gill Wang.

Leadership held a “Polaroids with Santa” event on the fourth day of Holiday Week to get students into the holiday spirit. Sophomore Rebecca Noordeen, who is on the Holiday Week committee, believes that it’s nice for people to relieve a little stress by seeing Santa and the Christmas tree. She also believes that students should try to enjoy the holiday season more and spend less time worrying about finals.

“Holiday time only comes once a year and it’s so exciting,” Noordeen said. “Why would you waste it stressing about finals when you could enjoy the holidays.”

Sophomore Gill Wang participated in the event and was excited to get her picture taken, especially due to the popularity of polaroids. She felt more encouraged to dress up for the spirit days and show her holiday spirit.

“It’s just a super temporary quick thing but it was fun,” Wang said. “When you look at the picture again it’ll make you happy.”

If students missed the opportunity to get a polaroid, there will still be a picture opportunity tomorrow, Dec. 4, at lunch in the rally court along with ugly sweater day and free hot chocolate.