Student Recognition Commission hosts Open Mic Night on Jan. 26

Student Recognition Commission hosts Open Mic Night on Jan. 26

Anjali Bhat

MVHS Leadership recognized musically talented students and raised money for the National Children’s Cancer Society.

Even a month after Christmas, sophomores Lucas Han and Carmelia Muljadi entertain their audience with an cheerful duet: a mash-up of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and “Mistletoe.” The unique performances at Open Mic Night showcased students’ musical quirks.

According to Lead of Student Recognition Commission senior Sherry Roohi, on Saturday, Jan. 26, the goal was to have the auditorium full of people, waiting in anticipation for a spotlight to shine on the unknown musical talents of MVHS students at Open Mic Night.

Student Recognition Commission hosted the two-hour show to help talented students find their own spotlight. All proceeds of the event were donated to the National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS). Roohi hoped that the charitable cause would give more of an incentive for people to attend.

“[We are] aiming to draw attention to students who don’t get a lot of recognition they deserve,” said Student Recognition Commissioner junior Kimberly Zhong. “We have a lot of musicians and singers who aren’t necessarily in Variations or in choir and we want to showcase what they have.”

The concert gave rise to anxiety from both the organizers and the performers during the show. While there was no serious case of stage fright, some of the performers encountered challenges.

“It was definitely nerve-wracking,” sophomore Ava Zamani said. “I’ve been studying piano for 10 years, but at that moment, all eyes are on you. You know you have to do your best, and the pressure builds up. It scares me, at least.”

The newfound performers gained considerable applause for their talents, whether it was the ability to sing, play an instrument or imitate Alvin and the Chipmunks. The audience enjoyed every act, snapping for junior Sarah Im’s cover of “Officially Missing You”, cheering for freshman Annie Liu’s energetic beatboxing and clapping for a sassy rendition of Carrie Underwood’s song “Last Name” by senior Kalie Haynes. Emcees and juniors Saliq Hussaini and Timothy Kuo also entertained the audience with their comedic personalities.

The performers’ exhilarating experience and the audience’s thorough enjoyment made Open Mic Night a success and are sure to inspire similar events in the future.

“I plan to perform next year, and the upcoming talent show as well,” junior Lillian Ngeow said. “I really like what Leadership has done. This was really fun, and I just had a great time. When I hear how the audience reacts to my singing, I realize that I’ve come so far and I feel a sense of appreciation for myself.”

The acts were as follows in chronological order: senior Cathy Ang, senior Bryan Zhao and senior Darren Yau, junior Lillian Ngeow, junior Shannon Wu, senior Kalie Haynes, sophomore Nick Yee, sophomore Carmelia Muljadi and sophomore Lucas Han, senior Maggie Maser, sophomore Alvin Cheong and sophomore Albert Han, sophomore Natasha Joma, sophomore Ava Zamani, junior Ava Whelan, junior Sarah Im, freshman Annie Liu, junior Angie Tong and junior Colin Kim.