El Estoque

Fashion blogger tracks her progress

Tong models a watercolor patterned dress. She made this dress herself using a silky fabric. Photo used with permission of Irene Tong.

Rhonda Mak

August 29, 2013

It seems like you can get anything from the Internet now — whether it’s a recipe, a diaper-changing tutorial or even fashion inspiration. Senior Angie Tong, for example, runs her own fashion blog, angelinadanielle.blogspot.com. Tong’s blog is comprised of regular posts about her fashion choices, be i...

Downside of being slender

Downside of being slender

Amelia Yang

September 21, 2011

Usually, being called "skinny" is a compliment, but to junior Selma Chang it's an obnoxious insult. People often comment on her body, and she finds that it gets very old-very fast. "If people just say I'm skinny, it's okay, but a lot of times people go on about it and then it gets annoying," Chang said. "Especially...