New field brings new pride to MV

New field brings new pride to MV

Robert Sulgit

For the first time in several years, MVHS will be able to have its Homecoming football game on its own football field. The new stadium is much deserved and will be a huge boost to the community and our school’s morale. MVHS is ready to rock on our turf.

The football field is ready for use, but there’s a lot to do on the lower field, which is expected to be finished in early January. The completed field gives us an opportunity to reclaim our previous performance in sports and our pride as a school. Photo by Robert Michel Sulgit.

With work on the football field being finished, attention is now being paid to the lower field, which should be mostly finished by January with odd jobs being done into early Februrary. Administration says that work can only happen on the field between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM in respect to the residents that live just adjacent to the school. This means that the construction will take a lot longer since they have limited hours. With a busy football season ahead, we have the accessibility to play and practice on our own field.

Since its opening in 1969, MVHS has never had lights for its football stadium. While these new fields are a fantastic addition to our school, we have had these coming for a while. For far too long we MVHS students have been going to CHS or FHS for ”home” football games.

MVHS may not have the best football team, but this field may just put it back to where it once was; at the top. Although this field should have been built long ago, there is something to be said for the saying: better late than never.

With the brand new field, the football team can practice every day, the marching band doesn’t haven’t to travel to CHS for late night drills, and Cheer doesn’t have to worry about falling on hard dirt and gravel. A stadium at our school means more turnout and more spirit which will translate to a better performance.

The field also stands as a symbol, an emblem our pride and joy as Matadors. Even if some members of the community doesn’t think so, the new field represents our home and more than just turf and metal. It is blood, sweat and touchdowns; no longer will we be just another visitor at another school, opponents will come to us and see for themselves that our house is bigger and more brilliant than ever.