Powderpuff has an increased weight for Homecoming scores

Powderpuff has an increased weight for Homecoming scores

Dickson Tsai


The Homecoming score this year factors in crowd participation at games


Girls play football and guys cheer. That’s classic Powderpuff football. However, this year, one more factor will determine class performance in this event, because Powderpuff is now worth 15 percent of the total Homecoming score.

Junior Ben Yang pumps up the class of 2012 crowd during the juniors’ game versus the sophomores. Crowd participation has been incorporated to the overall Homecoming score this year. Photo by Edward Wang.During the second Leadership Council this year, Leadership moved five percentage points from the decorations to Powderpuff. However, the importance of the cheer and game portions will not be changed. Judges will also be assessing crowd participation.

“It seems like the crowd is already enthusiastic and it would be great if we can encourage that enthusiasm [even more],” Student Life commissioner junior Ben Yang said.

The rule change has made a significant impact so far, and surprisingly, for the freshman class. With the extra incentive to cheer, the freshmen find themselves in an opportunity to regroup in time for the Homecoming rally.

“We got in a few new cheers,” class of 2014 vice president Leon Chen said. “A lot of people were cheering together and our class bonded together more.”

More responsibility now rests upon the cheerleaders to energize their fans. Ultimately though, the change provides yet another medium for people to show their spirit.

“Crowd participation is part of the entire Homecoming [tradition],” Yang said.

Correction: The change in the weighting system for Powderpuff was incorrectly stated.  Change made 10/2.