Starry Night

Starry Night

Minh Bui

Octagon hosted tenth annual Cure Cancer Cafe with the theme, "Aurora Borealis"

The sound of the saxophone drifted through the hall and spoke to you. It said that this night wasn’t one of those wild nights. This could have been the highly sophisticated underground scene in some urban metropolis, but it wasn’t. It was Cupertino with class. Headline: Starry night

Octagon kept it classy with its tenth annual Cure Cancer Cafe on March 8 from 6-9 p.m. at the Quinlan Center. This year’s theme was "Aurora Borealis", completed with a giant teepee in front, colored candles and of course, snow. All proceeds went towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS); Octagon aimed to donate $100,000 in total after 10 years of supporting the cause.

The night was suave and sophisticated, with entertainment and food in the main hall, and a silent auction and raffle outside. The event began with the sophomore duo Aaron Ho and Libby Cha singing the smooth songs they’re now known for, including "Sweet Dreams" by Beyonce and "Knocks You Down" by Keri Hilson. Then Dance Connection Performing Company kicked the energy up a notch with flips and pirouettes. The dancers also got the crowd off their feet, as everyone in the back stood up to see the cute four-foot dancers.

Who said magic was just for little kids? The most renowned magician in the Bay Area, Chin-Chin, astounded the audience by turning scarves into roses and colorful birds, and by performing a classic Houdini act. Handcuffed, he was placed in a bag in a locked trunk, only to switch places with his lovely assistant in the blink of an eye.

Then the mood got serious. Since original guest speaker and cancer survivor Mark Zafra couldn’t make it to the event, his good friend and MVHS history teacher Robyn Brushett told his story. Diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia in 2005, Zafra miraculously recovered in two months thanks to a chemotherapeutic drug developed with the help of LLS funding.

A long intermission gave people the chance to head outside and take a spin with Lady Luck. The silent auction featured items like sweaters, coffee shop gift cards and Senior Ball bids. The raffle prizes of the night went to sophomores Amanda Kretch and Vivi Fan, who won two movie tickets each, and sophomore Kevin Chang, who won the grand prize of an iPod Shuffle.

With the relaxing atmosphere in place, it was hard to imagine a Sunday evening usually characterized by frantic working. The room was abuzz with the chatter and laughter of friends talking to one another. Dinner was pure comfort food-hearty ravioli with a side of garlic bread catered by A.G. Ferrari.

Closing off the night’s festivities were Brad Wolfe, the headliner at CCC for the past five years, and DC Beatbox. Wolfe not only showcased his talent but the talent of two people vying for a t-shirt. In all fairness, both got a shirt in the end. DC Beatbox helped to close the show with a bang, ramping up the audience’s energy. Wolfe and DC Beatbox sang "Soft Grass" together, bringing the audience back to a slow and peaceful state.

At the end of the show, DC Beatbox said, "You always have that opportunity to change". We do have that opportunity to change. And CCC shows it by helping the field of medicine change for the better.