Stag at the circus

Shreya Shankar

Boys and girls are molding to what is steroetypically acceptable behavior for Sadies.

It's that time of the year once more, folks! The Sadie Hawkins dance is coming up, with its feminist twist that always seems so refreshing. Whether they're going with a date or a group of friends, the female race has the power to propose, as dictated by tradition. The boys, however, don't have that kind of prerogative, and the ones that don't get asked are found trudging though yet another mediocre Friday night.

A girl without a date can simply call her girlfriends, dress up, and go out, having just as much fun as she would with a date. Everyone's seen it — the quintessential group of fun-loving girls just out to socialize. But where are their male counterparts?

"It's like a double standard with girls and guys, I guess. For girls, it's cool if they [go out together]. But if a group of guys are out dancing together, everyone thinks that's wierd," junior Kevin Wilson said.

It seems that a group of girls going out or taking each other as dates is much more acceptable than a group of boys banding together and going to a dance stag. The tragedy of it all is how taken aback any of us would be if we saw a group of boys dancing together, though seeing groups of girls is commonplace. Even at normal dances, girls are known to roam in packs while lone boys meander through the crowd.

The culture of "dating" for Sadies seems vastly different, depending on the gender in question. Boys, it seems, aren't encouraged to broadcast their singularity, while girls may revel in it. A "date" is a one-night title, with no prerequisite relationship or chemistry. The ephemeral nature of Sadies dates seems, to girls, just that — fleeting. The opposite gender lies on the other end of the spectrum, with tacit apprehension before the dance and, in the case that they don't get asked, a silent and unremarkable obliviousness towards the dance.

A dateless boy is a rarity at Sadies- a group of them is a veritable miracle. And while it is unlikely for the dateless boys to consolidate into a pack and crash Sadie Hawkins, I still stand by my belief: that all men and women are created equal. Which means hey, if any of the single boys out there want to showstop in matching ringmaster outfits, they can be my guest.