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Spirit teams prepare for Feb. 28 Sadie Hawkins dance


February 12, 2014

From workshops over winter break to the final preparations before the dance, Cheer and Song work together to organize the Sadies dance. Read More »...

Grandma is watching you

Soumya Kurnool

April 11, 2012

I've always been a total grandma when it comes to dancing — I do not condone even the thought of such public self humiliation. So it is perfectly reasonable that I would hope to never attend a high school dance in my life. But then I defied common sense yet again and went to Sadies to write this...

PHOTO ESSAY: The Circus costumes

PHOTO ESSAY: The Circus costumes

Aafreen Mahmood

March 9, 2009

Students show up at this year's Sadies Hawkins dance ready to put on the best kind of show. Read More »...

Stag at the circus

Shreya Shankar

February 25, 2009

Boys and girls are molding to what is steroetypically acceptable behavior for Sadies. Read More »