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2020 Year in review

Rachel Jiang and Shivani Verma January 5, 2021
Reflecting on the events of 2020
Photo by Tanish Mendki.

Rampant wildfires lead to poor air quality for weeks

Recently, wildfires have been rapidly spreading throughout the West, most heavily affecting California, Oregon and Washington. These fires are mainly attributed the series of dry lightning storms that...

This image from NASA's terra satellite was able to capture the huge swath of smoke generated by the California wildfires.

Let’s address climate change

Neysa Singh September 11, 2020
Examining recent effects of climate change from Earth Overshoot Day to California’s current condition
Firefighters join together to combat the Australian wildfires that have ravaged the nation since late July 2019.

Australian wildfires: Lack of media attention demonstrates global apathy

Shuvi Jha February 5, 2020
Exploring the media coverage of the Australian wildfires
As the smoke settles: MVHS's responses to CampFire

As the smoke settles: MVHS’s responses to CampFire

Lakshanyaa Ganesh December 17, 2018

n Nov. 8, chemistry and AVID teacher Elizabeth McCracken’s daughter Samara McCracken and her boyfriend were two of thousands of people affected by one of the deadliest wildfires in American history:...

A Change in Plans

A Change in Plans

Justine Ha November 17, 2018

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