El Estoque

Returning to the disco

Returning to the disco

Ayah Ali-Ahmad

August 26, 2019

The Welcome Back Dance draws in students and local businesses

Evolution of the Welcome Back Dance

Evolution of the Welcome Back Dance

Alyssa Hui and Rucha Soman

September 1, 2018

The spirit of the dance changes over time

Football team addressed by administration at Welcome Back Dance

Football team addressed by administration at Welcome Back Dance

Om Khandekar

August 31, 2016

Additional reporting by Kalpana Gopalkrishnan s they exited one by one, the members of the football team blocked the harsh fluorescent light of the F building classroom from reaching the dancers in the rally court below. Team members were not celebrating or cheering as they left the room; instead the...

ASB explains Welcome Back Dance expenses

Students gather in the rally court on a Friday night. The Welcome Back Dance offered games, a DJ, food and other forms of entertainment. 

Photo used with permission of Maya Schwarz and Anella Palacpac

Andrea Schlitt

September 7, 2015

fter a busy first week of school, the Welcome Back dance was a way for students to relax and unwind. The neon lights and pounding music seemed to satisfy several hundred high school students. However, amidst the flashing colors and Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” playing in the background, there wa...

Bull Spirit aims to enhance MVHS community with new Welcome Back Dance

Aditya Pimplaskar

August 22, 2014

When August hits, it hits like a storm. The realization that school is about the start, the knowledge that had been suppressed for the past two months, overwhelms all teenagers. It tears away the thin veil of confidence that new freshmen had at the end of middle school. They know they must now fa...

Stop complaining, start dancing

Freshmen need to move on past middle school dances, and join the big kid table of high school dances

Megan Jones

September 6, 2011

The beginning of high school is a fresh start. Away from those middle school years of puberty, awkwardness and drama, and into high school with its more mature, more dignified outlook on life. Oh yes, and of course the more intense dances. As eighth graders transition into their freshmen year, t...