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Wrestling: Team takes third in SCVAL finals on Feb. 15

Wrestling: Team takes third in SCVAL finals on Feb. 15

Yashashree Pisolkar

February 23, 2014

Strong performances by varsity athletes reflect a winning score heading into CCS. Read More »...

WRESTLING: MVHS wrestling expects a successful season with seven returning CCS wrestlers

Senior co-captain Aaron Wu, a three-year wrestler and returning CCS qualifier for MVHS, prepares for the upcoming season with his teammates in the weight room. He has been training through the entire offseason with the year-round wrestling club. Photo by Alaina Lui.

Alaina Lui

November 26, 2013

As the winter sports season comes to a start, the wrestling team prepares to hit the mats strong for what they believe will be a promising season. With a smaller yet dedicated group of returning CCS-level wrestlers, the team is expecting to be seeded high in their league. But the expectations for the...

Powderpuff to be postponed because of early Homecoming

Powderpuff 2012

Amol Pande

September 5, 2013

Homecoming week has traditionally included events such as the football game, eponymous rally and the Powderpuff games and cheers. In the past, all of these activities took place in mid-October, but this year, Homecoming is during the week of Sept. 23. This means that Powderpuff has to move as th...

ASB officers for 2013-2014 school year announced

Junior Colin Kim allows students to sign his campaign poster. After three days of campaigning, ASB officers were announced on March 21. Photo by Mihir Joshi.

Athira Penghat

March 21, 2013

President: Marisa Yang Vice President: Leon Chen Treasurer: Timothy Kuo Secretary: Tijani Karaborni Social Manager: Colin Kim IDC Representative: Rishi Modi Sriya Srinath will serve on the ASB team and has already been selected as the FUHSD Student Board Representative....

Throwdown with Coach Klemm

Throwdown with Coach Klemm

Amrutha Dorai

December 7, 2011

Wrestling has long been stereotyped as a brutal sport. In the minds of many, it is reserved for those of great macho and belligerence. After all, the whole point is to pin the other guy down. The irony, therefore, is that new wrestling coach Kevin Klemm's true passion for coaching comes from an almost...

A new tradition: Winter wonderland

RALLY COURT From Dec. 5 to 9, Bull Spirit will be decorating the Rally Court with ballons, ribbons, and a festive holiday bush. Lunchtime activities include decorating cookies, writing letters to soldiers, and participating in a gingerbread house coin toss fundraiser.

Albert Qiu

November 29, 2011

Students may have been shocked when they saw the campus this week. Normally barren save for a few coats of old paint, the halls are now lined with festive wreaths and bows. Meanwhile, a 13-foot-tall holiday bush and a wooden gingerbread house sit idly in the rally court. The transformation is comple...