El Estoque

Former Gov Team advisor to run for State Senate


Anushka Patil

February 9, 2012

Former Gov Team advisor Christopher Chiang plays multiple roles: a government and world history teacher, an Academic Technology Integrator, a mentor to his former students, a father — he pauses our interview around 8 p.m. to put his young daughter, babbling in the background, to bed — and soon, he hopes, a California State Senator. Chiang, a Democrat, announced his campaign for State Senate on Feb. 7 for the 13th d...

Debating in French a very different experience

Debating in French a very different experience

Jacqueline Barr

March 24, 2009

The room was silent.  Spectators of the debate shifted in their chairs quietly as the two teams discussed the prompt with their teammates. Discussion time was ended by the official timer and teammate Karolina Plonowska rose to speak. She delivered her opening statement smoothly and then paused, ...

SLIDESHOW: The world of debate

Michelle Balmeo

December 11, 2008

Lincoln-Douglass debaters explain their approach to argument Read More »...

Royal waves and smiles

Royal waves and smiles

Ingrid Chang

October 30, 2008

Homecoming court experiences a once in a life time event. Read More »

Do YOU know them?

Do YOU know them?

Alice Lee

October 19, 2008

Learn some things you may not have known about this year's Homecoming Court. Read More »...