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The rising price of the truth

The rising price of the truth

Brandon Ng

April 11, 2019

As student journalists, we try to learn from the best, often looking to professional publications to help us kickstart an idea. They could inspire us with a creative lede, a seamless transition between sentences or a new style of graphic with greater visual appeal, helping to keep our stories afloat and ...

The meaning of Ohana

Paraeducator Eli Yamauchi attends the Ohana meeting in room C210.

Swara Tewari

February 1, 2018

The students packed into room C210 put their heads down on their desks, trying not to peek. They were playing Heads Up Seven Up, one of the activities planned for the Ohana meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 24. The club, whose mission is to help spark friendships between special needs students and the pe...

Taylor Swift sexual assault case sparks student support for women’s rights

Taylor Swift sexual assault case sparks student support for women's rights

Michelle Wong

August 18, 2017

Additional reporting by Himani Yalamaddi ccording to US magazine, Taylor Swift's sexual assault incident with DJ David Mueller from 2013 has resurfaced as Swift responded to Mueller's three million dollar lawsuit for allegedly causing him to be fired from his job. She decided to issue a counter sue ...

Helping hands: exploring the different aspects of peer support

Illustration by Elizabeth Han

Elizabeth Han

October 21, 2015

Co-authored by Amita Mahajan tudents fill the library on a Tuesday lunch, chemistry textbooks and history papers scattered across the gray tables. At one table, two students tackle an algebraic formula. A pair nearby checks their papers together for reassurance before an exam. These sights of peer su...

Teams, they just want to have fans

Teams, they just want to have fans

Eric Wong

October 14, 2009

Running around half-naked seems to be a common trend in sports Read More »...