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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

As we move into adulthood, a balanced integration of work and life becomes increasingly important.

Live to work? or Work to live?

Suhana Mahabal January 26, 2024

Scrolling through TikTok, one might come across a video where the first frame reads, ‘Being a full-time artist’ with a photo of a woman smiling. However, the second photo says ‘Telling people I’m...

Since losing certain words in Kannada, Chikkaballapur finds himself using Google Translate more and more. | Photo by Suhana Mahabal

Culture through language

Suhana Mahabal December 11, 2023 Sophomore Ronith Vinod...

MVHS students frequently ask each other for help through online forums such as Discord and Slack, where they receive help from their peers. | Photo by Megha Mummaneni

Little acts, huge impacts

Megha Mummaneni and Suhana Mahabal December 8, 2023

Di was ½ r^2 dm right   dv=pi*r^2dx  its just a volume of an infinitely thin cylinder   Oh ok thanks Scrolling through the Physics C Discord, one would find hundreds of screenshots...

Ashley Voigt posing with her future husband at their graduation from MVHS. Photo courtesy of Ashley Voigt | Used with permission

No place quite like home

Suhana Mahabal November 3, 2023

Although the first thought following the word “home” may be a physical house, in reality it encompasses a far wider range of places and people. To the Monta Vista community, home can be anything: family...

Senior Brianna Young poses against a stark black background.

Reshaping her journey

Taryn Lam and Suhana Mahabal November 1, 2023

During the pandemic, current Homestead High School senior and previous MVHS student Brianna Young was diagnosed with scoliosis. For Young, one of the most impactful parts was having to wear a back brace...

50 Fresh Faces

50 Fresh Faces

As the new freshman class enters MVHS, many doors open up -- from joining clubs and playing sports to meeting new people and having unforgettable experiences. The numerous opportunities that are open to...



Suhana Mahabal and Mihir Vishwarupe September 29, 2023

Around campus, senior Ridhima Katare has heard many students using the word “depressed” and finds it bothersome when students use it as a joke or casually. With many students using the term loosely,...

Donning a custom, lavender layered gown Swift performs the song “Long Live” from her third album “Speak Now.” The singer played from a blue guitar decorated with koi fish, a tribute to the same guitar she used during her “Speak Now” tour. Photo courtesy of Kiana Mark

Taylor Swift’s ‘Enchanted’ effects on Santa Clara

Exploring the social and economic impact of Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’
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