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Little acts, huge impacts

Appreciating the unsung heroes we encounter on our school campus
MVHS students frequently ask each other for help through online forums such as Discord and Slack, where they receive help from their peers. | Photo by Megha Mummaneni

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Scrolling through the Physics C Discord, one would find hundreds of screenshots of various practice problems and countless messages asking for help. From posting corny physics memes to complaining about the curve on a test, over 100 Physics C students at MVHS have found a space to not only connect with other physics students, but to also get help from their peers. Students give tips and answers through messages and live video chat. There are many other Discords for classes such as AP Physics 1, Chemistry and Biology; no one is obliged to, yet it’s become a given that someone
will help you.   

But actions like these rarely get recognized — from the janitor who picks up the empty take-out boxes after lunch to the club president who stays to finish an extensive presentation for a meeting the next day — our campus is full of unsung heroes.

Teachers are another example that many of us take for granted. Even though they aren’t required to, instructors allow students to come talk to them during brunch and lunch. Some even set up additional study sessions outside of the school day, taking time out of their personal lives to give students a better chance of understanding the material ahead of tests. 50% of Monta Vista students know a teacher who has set up one of these additional learning sessions.

While many students assume acts like these are just part of an educator’s job, many teachers at our school go above and beyond for their students, from writing college recommendation letters to spending their own money to make their classroom more welcoming despite their lower income when compared to many other jobs in Cupertino, primarily in tech. The median income of public school teachers in Santa Clara County as of 2023 is $72,022 compared to the median income of the total population of Santa Clara County which is $98,891. Despite this, according to, the average teacher spends around $860 out of pocket on classroom supplies every year, and this trajectory of spending has only been increasing

Such unsung heroes can take shape in sports games as well. While players take on positions that may not involve scoring points or goals, their role is still vital for the team’s success. According to a survey of 41 Monta Vista athletes, 66% of athletes feel that at some point, they felt under-appreciated for their contributions to a game.

Team sports emphasize the importance of camaraderie and a strong community, and everyone contributes to the team and should be celebrated, not just those who score goals. Some unsung heroes, such as those who sit on the bench or team managers, better the team through cheering to boost team morale. But it’s not just their spirit that adds to the game. In field hockey, for example, bench players contribute by tallying skills and goals and getting water for field players.

This isn’t to say that we should stop or even lessen how much we celebrate the people who already get recognized. We should just learn to look behind the curtains and also appreciate the people who aren’t always front and center. This includes those students on Discord who take time out of their day to check up on those who need help, so their friends, classmates and even students they have never met before can succeed as well.  Such heroes can be found among students, staff, parents and community members, and we must applaud the hard work they willingly do for others by thanking them verbally or through an act of gratitude like making them a heartfelt card. Through this, we also encourage others to be the best version of themselves and to pass along acts of kindness and cheer as well.

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Megha Mummaneni, Opinion Editor
Megha Mummaneni is currently a junior and an opinion editor for El Estoque. She plays the flute in the Monta Vista Marching Band, and enjoys reading YA murder mystery novels and texting her friends.
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