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Leadership reflects on music dress up days

Leadership reflects on music dress up days

Carol Lei

September 2, 2017

As the first rally rolled around, so did the first spirit week. In this year’s Welcome Back “Issa Rally” rally, the theme of music brought MVHS to pull out their neon shirts and gold chains. Leadership students took on their first week of poster making, rally set-ups and dress up days of the year...

Celebration Week commemorates students and staff

Posters in the rally court describing Celebration Week’s events.

Dylan Tsai

May 17, 2016

// Celebration WeekInfographic A man sits at his desk to grade 120 essays. A small group practices their piano-guitar arrangement in their basement. A girl takes a plane to Washington University, possibly never to be seen at her high school again. Countless people pass by each day, completely unnoticed for what they’ve done. MVHS students will write a...

Homecoming 2013: El Dorado golden outfits

Kathleen Yuan

September 23, 2013

Everyday during Homecoming week, El Estoque will be recapping the spirit days with some examples of the day's themed outfits. With the first spirit day of Homecoming week at its end, here's a look at two golden outfits. The class with the most dress up spirit was 2014 with 27.1 percent, followed by 2015 with 22.9 percent, then 2017 with 20.8 percent and ...

Storify: IDC Fantastics held Dec. 7

Storify: IDC Fantastics held Dec. 7

Mihir Patil

December 7, 2012

Straight from  Cupertino High School, El Estoque reporters Yashashree Pisolkar, Eva Spitzen and Namrata Ramani are tweeting pictures and updates about the Fantastics district-wide rally. object width="650" height="488"> [View the story "Fantastics 2012" on Storify]...

Will spirit week go unnoticed?

Will spirit week go unnoticed?

Varada Gavaskar

January 22, 2009

MVHS had its first spirit week outside of Homecoming the week of Jan. 20. Read More »...