Will spirit week go unnoticed?

Will spirit week go unnoticed?

Varada Gavaskar

MVHS had its first spirit week outside of Homecoming the week of Jan. 20.

Rumors spread quickly at MVHS. Just recently, a junior in the library whispered to her friend, "I heard ASB Leadership decided to hold two Homecoming weeks this school year." While this is completely false, the morning announcements on Jan. 15 revealed the basis for fabrication. Starting this week, MVHS will have the first Spirit Week irrelevant to Homecoming festivities in years. While dress up days will not be counted for class points, spirit commissioners believe it will be an imaginative way to energize the student body before the rally on Jan. 23.

Having planned broad themes like "Superheroes," "Holidays," and "Time Machine," many left over from Homecoming week, ASB hopes that students will participate simply because it is so easy to do so. Because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the rally, there are only three opportunities to dress up. Although there is no competition of any kind between the classes for the other days, dressing up for the "Out of This World" rally (class color, as always, and white because this Friday is the Blacklight rally) does count towards the "Appearance" category on the rally scoring rubric.

Leadership lists several, non-competitive incentives to impersonate Batman, wrap yourself up like a present, or time-travel to the Middle Ages. If enough students participate, Spirit Commission will consider adding yet another set of dress-up days the week of the final rally, May 25-29, but otherwise this is probably the last one for the year. Then, there's always the pure enjoyment of wearing unusual clothing while everyone around you does the same.

"I know it's at a really random time, but we would love for students to participate anyway," lead spirit commissioner junior Jocelyn Ou said. "All the spirit would pump up students for the rally and make it really exciting."

Unfortunately, publicizing this Spirit Week was very difficult. ASB had logistical issues getting a poster up in time due to Leadership Retreat, and while the information was relayed over the announcements Thursday and Friday, and was on School Loop last weekend, many students did not know about it until they saw their peers dressed up at school.

Which brings up the question: will anyone dress up? If it does not count toward anything, some students feel that there is no need and it is just not worth the hassle. Many others have said they will wait to see who participates on the first day to gauge the level of interest before themselves joining in. Even though she just heard about next week's activities the first day they were played on the announcements, sophomore Jessica Park doesn't feel any sense of hesitation.

"I'll do it!" Park said. "It's fun to dress up and see other people do it, too. I guess it is kind of unexpected in the middle of January, but then, so is this sunny weather."