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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Tatiana Yoo (12) submitted Started With A Box to the NUMU Los Gatos ArtNow exhibition. Yoo responded to the prompt In Transition with a piece reflecting on childhood wonder.

Award-winning artists

When going to install her artwork for the NUMU ArtNow show in Los Gatos, senior Tatiana Yoo originally wasn’t proud of her piece, “It Started With A Box” – a digital drawing that depicted a girl...

Graphic of a vintage camera


Manas Kottakota and Sagnik Nag Chowdhury May 11, 2024

Sophomore Vivek Chidurala loved taking photos since elementary with his dad’s iPhone, but always felt he wanted to do more with photography. He soon happened to stumble upon an old film camera in his...

The cast poses alongside the band and vocalists at the end of the show.

‘Cirque du Soleil: Kooza’ delivers a magical and heart-racing experience

Sagnik Nag Chowdhury April 23, 2024

Through a series of nail-biting stunts, grand musical elements and visually appealing lighting effects under a large dome-like tent, world-renowned production company Cirque du Soleil opened “Cirque...

Photo illustration by Amberly Sun

Toxic Vista: Fixing our flaws

From the outside, Monta Vista High School may seem like the ideal high school: numerous AP courses, top national rankings and more. However, step inside and find that there is more to it than meets the...

Monta Vista students often feel pressured by the high academic standards the school holds.

Work to the top till you drop

Sagnik Nag Chowdhury and Crystal Cheng April 12, 2024

After the class bell rings to start class, an MVHS classroom on a test day is filled with the sounds of stifled yawns, the shuffling of papers and hushed conversations.  “Did you study?”  “I...

Kid, played by Patel, stands amongst a crowd in Yatana. Photo courtesy of Monkeypaw Productions

‘Monkey Man’ provides a visceral, modern take on Hindu mythology

As actor Dev Patel stood in front of the audience at the film festival “South by Southwest,” crying tears of joy amidst a two-minute standing ovation, audiences around the world quickly realized that...

Graphics by Amberly Sun

Fearing the inevitable

As students grow up and gain more experience in their lives, they start to develop various fears in the different facets of life. While many of these fears can be mitigated, oftentimes these fears play...

College and Career Advisor Rogelio Calderon works during the school day. Photo by Sagnik Nag Chowdhury

A “major” decision

Sagnik Nag Chowdhury and Amberly Sun March 9, 2024

Sophomore Shreeya Setty has had wide exposure to various activities in the liberal arts fields such as being a teacher’s assistant for a business class and a member of Future Business Leaders of America...

Junior and shooting guard Clara Fan drives the ball toward the basket for a layup.

Girls Basketball falls to Maria Carrillo High School 59-52

Varsity Girls Basketball fell to Maria Carrillo High School 59-52 on Tuesday, Feb. 27. Coming off as the Division II CCS champions, Head Coach Sara Borelli expected the team to play hard and showcase defensive...

Chani, played by Zendaya, embraces Paul, played by Timothée Chalamet. Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures

“Dune: Part Two” raises the bar for the sci-fi genre

Sagnik Nag Chowdhury March 1, 2024

After the sci-fi film “Dune” — a movie adaptation based on the “Dune” novel franchise — released in 2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many were unsure if a sequel was ever going to be produced...

Photo by Sagnik Nag Chowdhury

The cost of fresh food

Sagnik Nag Chowdhury and Ethan Yang January 29, 2024

According to a KTVU article, on Nov. 10, 2022, Cupertino restaurant Pho Ha Noi announced it would automatically be putting an 18% gratuity fee on orders for all orders. This announcement caused a wave...

Senior and shooting guard Ruchir Banerjee defends an opponent in the paint.

Boys Basketball narrowly falls to Leland High School 58-50

Manas Kottakota and Sagnik Nag Chowdhury December 17, 2023

Varsity Boys Basketball fell to Leland High School 58-50 on Thursday, Dec. 14. MVHS started off strong, ending the first quarter 14-10. However, LHS went on a short run in the second quarter, ending the...

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