El Estoque

Victorine poses with his family on Halloween

A fraction of time

MVHS community members in different age groups reflect on the pandemic year in the context of their lives
Investigating the interactions between teachers, unions, districts and communities that shaped the reopening of schools

“Parent bullies” and “teachers who cried wolf”

Anushka De and Riya Ravuri March 19, 2021
How disadvantaged students and financial incentives led to schools resuming in-person instruction
Senior Skylar Ploshay dribbles the ball across the field.

Man on the street: Captains on their most important leadership trait

Melody Cui and Riya Ravuri February 10, 2021
Captains of MVHS sports teams share the reasoning behind their preferred leadership traits
MVHS alumnae '18 Mikaela Lee competes at a kung fu tournament

Martial Arts

MVHS students participate in judo, karate, kung fu and taekwondo
Dwivedi walks with her bike in the De Anza College parking lot after spending the day biking with friends. (Photo used with permission from Navarin Pirachai)

Biking during quarantine

Riya Ravuri December 8, 2020
Students and staff share how biking has been an outlet in the midst of the pandemic
A picture collage of students holding their essential items. // Used with permission

Desk essentials during remote learning

Diya Bahl and Riya Ravuri December 4, 2020
A closer look at students’ most used items
Truffle Shuffle cofounders Jason McKinney (left) and Tyler Vorce (right) host an online cooking class. Used with permission

Cupertino Businesses in Quarantine

Cupertino businesses adapts to the unexpected circumstances created by the pandemic
Taking the test: COVID-19 edition

Taking the test: COVID-19 edition

Tanish Mendki, Riya Ravuri, and Suraj Gangaram October 20, 2020
Exploring the importance of the SAT and ACT during a pandemic
While Fremont High School experiences heavy car traffic, Food Services Assistant Santa Gurrola wheels a cart of packaged meals to the meal pick up location.

FUHSD implements free meal policy

Riya Ravuri September 12, 2020
Food services prepares a week’s worth of breakfasts and lunches available for anyone 18 and under
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