El Estoque

Officers of Japanese Club illustrate what ‘dango’ means in Japanese tradition

Asanuma spoons himself the shoyu (soy sauce) on his dango.

Zara Iqbal, Copy editor

October 8, 2019

The club serves sweet rice dumpling balls for its first food event

A taste from home: Japanese club prepares yakisoba for its members

After about 15 minutes, the yakisoba is done and served in bowls, along with disposable chopsticks.

Emily Xia and Zara Iqbal

January 27, 2019

Water? “Hai, mizu.” Yes. A Japanese club officer balanced the bowl of water precariously as she handed it off to the other. Crackling and sizzling sounds filled the air, and the unique smell of the Japanese traditional noodle, yakisoba, wafted through the halls, its scent reaching to the end ...