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The album cover features Taylor Swift sitting in a red Chevrolet Cabriolet and wearing a red hat, establishing the significance of the color

‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ perfectly balances the old and the new

Aashi Venkat and Shivani Verma November 20, 2021
Taylor Swift’s second re-recorded album is a compelling add to her discography
Students celebrate International Women’s Day

Students celebrate International Women’s Day

Chetana Ramaiyer March 9, 2017

t’s lunchtime at MVHS on March 8. Like any other day, students are sprawled all over the school. It’s not obvious at first. Looking a little closer, however, it becomes clear that many...

MUSIC: “Red” too much Taylor Swift

MUSIC: “Red” too much Taylor Swift

El Estoque Staff October 23, 2012

The vindictive princess of country or pop or country-pop has a new record. “Red,”Taylor Swift’s fourth album, released Oct. 22, reflects the color Swift feels after she’s gone through a...

MOVIE: Red Tails flies without altitude

MOVIE: ‘Red Tails’ flies without altitude

Amelia Yang January 23, 2012

  “Red Tails” brings a historical twist to the genre of inspirational stories based on true events  — but it seems doomed from the start to end up as one of those movies history teachers...

FUHSD frenzy

FUHSD frenzy

Karishma Mehrotra April 11, 2010

 Four Fremont Union High School District schools come together to present a handful of talented acts   The talent that surrounds us at MVHS is incredible...but redundant. It is only...

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