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Recommendation letters from a different perspective

Recommendation letters from a different perspective

Claire Wen

November 20, 2018

leaf floats gently from the trees, joining the array of other vibrant reds and oranges fluttering to the ground. A chilly breeze whispers through the air, rustling the leaves as it passes by. Autumn has come, and for seniors, that means it’s college application season. They scramble to write their...

Overworked by recommendation letters

Overworked by recommendation letters

Jennifer Lee

October 24, 2012

Every night they spend hours hunched behind a glowing computer screen, tapping at the keyboard and reviewing each sentence with the utmost concentration. They’re the image of diligent high school seniors hard at work on their college apps, with one minor exception: they’re a few years too old to...

Teachers’ recommendation letter regulations benefit students

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Joyce Varma

September 30, 2012

Right around now, most seniors are working on their college applications, and most have talked to--or will soon talk to--the teachers they want to write them letters of recommendation. Right about now, however, many teachers run into problems when they are confronted by a large number seniors who want lett...