El Estoque

X1 was the other group impacted by immediately disbanded after the confirmation of rigged voting in Produce X 101. Visual by Priscilla Cho

Is ‘Girls Planet 999’ rigged or reality?

Angela Zhang and Priscilla Cho September 18, 2021
Unpacking controversies surrounding Korean idol survival shows
Sophomore girls go over a specific part of the choreography together | Photo by Priscilla Cho

The Class of 2024: Pushing past COVID-19

Justin E Kim and Priscilla Cho September 17, 2021
Sophomores aim to overcome their inexperience and make their first Homecoming memorable

Student skincare routines

Sean Yagi, Staff Writer December 3, 2020
Students discuss their various approaches to skincare
Graphic by Annie Zhang

This is ________: Music and the human condition

From “Edelweiss“ to "808s & Heartbreak,” music is nestled within our day-to-day Zoom breaks, karaoke sessions and midnight adrenaline rushes. Read more about MVHS students and teachers’ nostalgic...

Our cultures in food

Our cultures in food

Exploring the cultural significance of Asian food and its representation in America
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