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MVHS Suicide Prevention Presentation

Speaker Dr. Kelly Troiano, pediatrician, shares her personal experiences with mental health and how to regulate it. Photo | Dhruvika Randad
El Camino Hospital works with MVHS to raise awareness about Mental Health.
December 2, 2018

On Thursday, Nov. 15, parents of the MVHS community arrived at the auditorium to hear speakers from El Camino Hospital talk about suicide prevention. The parents were greeted by a long table topped with...

Coffee with the Principal

Coffee with the Principal
First “Coffee with the Principal” event of the year encourages discussion about concerns and issues at MVHS
October 26, 2018

irculating around the room, 35 parents introduce themselves to Principal Ben Clausnitzer. They sit in a circle with cups of steaming coffee in their hands, conversing casually, asking questions and talking...

A new role

Principal Ben Clausnitzer shares his short-term and long-term goals to improve MVHS
October 15, 2018

Correction 10/17/18 1:25 p.m. A previous version of this story incorrectly spelled Diana Goularte's name. e walks around campus with a smile on his face, greeting students and teachers with a friendly...

Leaving a legacy

Leaving a legacy
Retiring staff members reflect on their careers
May 9, 2018

New finals schedule

New finals schedule
December 11, 2017

his semester, students’ finals schedule were like nothing they had ever seen before. On Dec. 11, students will arrive at school for their first period classes at 7:35 as usual. However, this was followed...

Administration reinforces ‘no grading by teacher assistants’ policy

Most of the TA duties listed in the FUHSD student assistance policy sheet are clerical tasks like answering the telephone and delivering messages; anything that involves viewing another student’s record is forbidden. However, despite the rules, most teachers allow their TAs to grade papers. Photo by Shuyi Qi.
December 4, 2013

  After TA discusses student’s grade, administration addresses the controversy regarding TA’s duties.   [dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]alking into a classroom, it is not uncommon to see...

FUHSD substitute teacher charges students for editing papers

FUHSD substitute teacher charges students for editing papers
February 6, 2012

On Jan. 25, junior Victor Zhang posted an email exchange between him and substitute teacher Adam Wies on his Tumblr. The post received a large response from fellow students. Soon, teachers and students...

Ring the Alarm!

Ring the Alarm!
September 9, 2009

  Multiple fire alarms on August 25 catch students off-guard   The distinctive ring of a fire alarm sent students and staff to outside safe zones during fifth period on Tuesday, August 25. ...

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