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Every Voice Matters

Every Voice Matters

Michelle Chen

March 11, 2020

Communication and public speaking are important skills to learn and practice in the classroom

Valentine’s Day: How we met

Valentine's Day: How we met

Helen Chao and Emma Lam

February 14, 2018

In the very beginning, Art teacher Brian Chow and Biology teacher Pamela Chow didn’t have a strong impression of one another when meeting for the first time at a new teacher orientation. However, one thing led to another, and the two are now married and settled down with three kids of their own. W...

Are students are avoiding classes because of teachers?

Graphic by Claire Yang

Claire Yang

August 18, 2017

Students and teachers reflect on the idea of picking classes based off of teachers

Laughter: Teacher tales

Laughter: Teacher tales

Christopher Song

February 12, 2013

From classroom antics to wildlife, the stories told by teachers can cover anything. Read More »...

Students organize Beanie Babies Drive for Sandy Hook Elementary

Emily Zhang writes a card for the Beanie Babies Drive

Joyce Varma

December 23, 2012

In response to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., juniors Michelle Swedek and Cathryn Yang organized a Beanie Babies Drive. Swedek and Yang coordinated with AP Biology teacher Pamela Chow, Assistant Principal Brad Metheany and Principal April Scott to send Beanie Babies to the s...

Staff, administrators, AADP to hold donor registry on Feb. 10

Jack Chin (far right) has been battling leukemia since the summer of 2011. Since Jan. 13, the family has been in search of a bone marrow match. To assist them in the search, staff members and administration in conjunction with AADP will be holding a donor registry during the senior boys basketball game on Feb. 10. Photo used with permission of Steffi Lau.

Aafreen Mahmood

February 8, 2012

Jack Chin, a Class of 2007 alumnus, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in the summer of 2011. After numerous medical tests, Chin was informed that he needed a bone marrow transplant to survive. To assist him in the search for a matching donor, staff members and administration will be hold...

Number of cheating incidents reaches a record amount

Number of cheating incidents reaches a record amount

Shreya Shankar

December 19, 2008

Cheating incidents in AP Biology reach record highs. Read More »...