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New year, same me

New year, same me

Zara Iqbal and Flora Peng

January 12, 2019

As the holiday season comes to an end, the new year confronts us with the pressure of a supposedly fresh start to the rest of our lives. With this comes the responsibility of setting measurable goals, or rather, resolutions, aimed towards bettering ourselves. But as year after year passes and (perhaps)...

New year, new fitness

New year, new fitness

Karen Ma

February 4, 2016

nce senior Royce Yang stepped into the clamorous weight room, a wave of insecurity washed over him. Looking around, the exercises done by the primarily male students seemed routine and almost effortless. But he had a promise that couldn’t be fulfilled by itself, and so, he got to work. 2015 has come...

A fresh start: The process of self-acceptance

After a stressful last semester, junior Anjali Chakravarti has decided to work towards more self-acceptance. Illustration by Cynthia Mao

Cynthia Mao

January 25, 2012

While personal change is often a result of outside pressures, junior Anjali Chakravarti has set this goal as a result of purely personal motivations. After a stressful, sleepless last semester, Chakravarti has decided to improve her perception of herself. She believes that out of a social life, sleep,...

A fresh start: Nodding off no longer

Junior Alex Wang resolved this year to go to bed earlier in order to sleep less in class. Since the new semester started, he has stayed awake in all his classes. Photo by Kevin Guo.

Amelia Yang

January 25, 2012

Many students’ academic lives require long hours of studying and late nights. While some feel the urge to rest their head on their desks during class, junior Alex Wang refuses to do so. When beginning to apply to summer programs over Holiday Break, Wang decided his New Year’s Resolutio...

A fresh start: Giving back to parents

Senior Jessica Rahn makes a snack for her parents, who have both come home from a long day of work, and then cleans up afterwards. Although helping and spending more time with her parents is Rahn’s first New Year’s resolution, she already has plenty of ideas, including family nights. Photo illustration by Alexandria Poh and Kevin Tsukii.

Alexandria Poh

January 25, 2012

For many a high schooler, washing dishes is a bore. So is doing the laundry. Making dinner? Unheard of. But after senior Jessica Rahn saw how hard her parents worked to support her for her entire life, she was determined to keep this year’s New Year’s resolution not for her own sake — but f...