El Estoque

Meaningful Protesting

During March of 2018, MVHS students hosted a school walk-out in order to protest against gun violence in America.

Oishee Misra

September 25, 2019

Refuting my previous belief that protesting is ineffective

Making the right call

Making the right call

Brian Xu

February 6, 2019

A sharp, throbbing fire pulses through your arm, flowing down past the elbow and swelling at the wrist. The crowd of people fades into the background, the soccer game long forgotten as a silent scream works its way up your throat. Peering down nervously, you examine your hand, flexing your fingers back ...

His watchful eyes

His watchful eyes

Jai Uparkar

October 24, 2018

s another ball went flying off the court, I looked over at my dad and threw my hands up in frustration. Slumping my shoulders in reaction, I looked at him again defeated and annoyed. Patiently, his eyes conveyed a message: stay loose. I nodded my head and moved on to the next point. My dad was an op...