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Mock Trial kicks off the year with 80 attendees

Co-president and senior Justin Feng began the interest meeting by discussing the various aspects of the mock trial, starting with the pretrial and ending with the verdict. Photo by Jayanti Jha

Jayanti Jha

September 22, 2019

Mock Trial began the year with an increase in attendance at their interest meeting with 80 people, compared to the usual 40 to 50 in previous years. According to  officer of operations and sophomore Vaishnavi Suresh, this high attendance was due to a plan set forth by the leadership team of Mock Trial ...

Mock Trial end of the year Q&A

Mock Trial end of the year Q&A

Jasmine Lee, Opinion Editor

May 16, 2019

In the 2018-19 school year, the MVHS Mock Trial team went from familiarizing themselves with the new members and building their new family to finalizing the 2019-2020 officers. Throughout the year, the Mock Trial team has faced difficulties with choosing new officers and establishing bonds through prepari...

Mock Trial: Building a family

Members of Mock Trial gather to take a picture at one of their many competitions where they fight a fake case against other schools in front of a judge and a panel of attorneys. Photo used with permission of Irene McNelis

Jasmine Lee and Alyssa Hui

January 20, 2019

Mock Trial officers reflect on their past experiences and reveal what the club means to them

Stepping stones to a Mock Trial competition

Stepping stones to a Mock Trial competition

Jasmine Lee

September 27, 2018

efore evening trainings begin, Mock Trial officers hosted their second member meeting in D202 where students shared out their points that could potentially assist the prosecutor and defender in their favor during the official court hearing. Throughout the meeting, members learned to recognize different...

Mock Trial completes first scrimmage with new members

Mock Trial completes first scrimmage with new members

Amita Mahajan

November 20, 2015

n Oct. 31, a team of 16 MVHS students drove to Tracey High School in San Joaquin county for their first scrimmage of the year. This was the first time the team scrimmaged outside the Santa Clara Valley District, and over half of its members were new. MV Mock Trial debated the case People v. Hayes, which was center...

A comparison of Mock Trial, MUN, and Debate

A comparison of Mock Trial, MUN, and Debate

Grace Zhou

October 8, 2015

lubs like Debate, Mock Trial and Model United Nations seem similar on the surface because all three focus on constructing logical arguments and current events. However,the clubs do have variations in many aspects of their clubs, such as conferences, structure,as well as what people think of the clubs. ...

Low headcount, but high aspirations for Mock Trial

Low headcount, but high aspirations for Mock Trial

Yashashree Pisolkar

February 6, 2014

The 2012-2013 academic year was nothing short of a golden year for the MVHS Mock Trial team. On Feb. 28, 2013, the team stood as a top contender in the Santa Clara County Mock Trial Finals held at the San Jose Superior Court. Despite strong performances from veteran team members, however, the team fe...

Behind the scenes: Coaches and coordinators facilitate activities away from the spotlight

Monique Balentine sits at the desk where she coordinates the Study Buddies Society program. She organizes student tutors so that struggling students can be helped. Photograph by Tanisha Dasmunshi

Tanisha Dasmunshi

October 11, 2013

[col type="1_2" class=""][title type="h1"]Monique Balentine[/title] Study Buddies Society [divider type="space_thin"] [dropcap1]F[/dropcap1]or three hours a day, Monique Balentine runs the Study Buddies Society program in a quiet corner of the library — often unseen. Although she has been at MVHS...

Mock Trial competes at county finals on Feb. 28

MVMT arrives at the San Jose Superior Court for the 2013 Santa Clara County Mock Trial final round against Willow Glen High School on Feb. 28. After a well-fought trial, MVMT lost to WGHS 406-397. Photo by Yashashree Pisolkar.

Yashashree Pisolkar

March 4, 2013

MVHS Mock Trial has had its fair share of disappointments. Over the past years the team has faced periods of coachless practices, frustrating competitions and losses in pre-final trials. Nevertheless, this year the team made a comeback as the first MVHS team to compete in the Santa Clara County Mo...

Mock Trial picks up win in first competition of the year

Mock Trial picks up win in first competition of the year

Carissa Chan

February 7, 2012

Updated on Feb. 15. The MVHS Mock Trial team defeated Mountain View High School in the third round of the Mock Trial competition on Feb. 9. With a final score of 253-247, MVHS’ defense team scored six more points than Mountain View’s prosecution, raising MVHS’ record to 3-0. According to MVHS defense witness junior Bryan...