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Facing internalized homophobia

Facing internalized homophobia

Collin Qian and Alyssa Hui

February 8, 2020

How MVHS students and teachers deal with internalized homophobia

Drama’s “The Laramie Project” moves audience with the true story of Matthew Shepard

Citizens of Laramie held a parade to commemorate Shepard. The actors painted their own banner to use in the show. Photo by Justin Kim

Ilena Peng

November 8, 2015

omosexuality is not a lifestyle with which I agree,” doctor Rulon Stacey (junior Grace Nevitt) said. “But I don’t understand the magnitude with which they hate.” “The Laramie Project” tells the story of Matthew Shepard, a young boy whose life was taken by two homophobic men – Aaron McKin...

Out in the open: Lifelong ally

Out in the open: Lifelong ally

Sara Yang

February 2, 2011

Teacher Christy Utter speaks to El Estoque about her experience with homophobia in a high school setting Read More »...