Out in the open: Lifelong ally

Out in the open: Lifelong ally

Sara Yang

Teacher Christy Utter speaks to El Estoque about her experience with homophobia in a high school setting

This project relates to content in the Feb. 2 El Estoque Print issue.

“Though I don’t think at all that religion and homophobia have to go hand in hand, at my school it very much did,” Utter said. “I think the expectation was that it was moral to be homophobic, and that was really frustrating for me.”


El Estoque spoke with English teacher Christy Utter regarding her status as an ally of the LBGT community. Utter grew up in a Christian school where she witnessed first-hand the pervasiveness of homophobia. As a teacher now, Utter promotes the idea of MVHS being a “safe space” for all students.