El Estoque

Is it too much?

April 27, 2022
A walk down memory lane, showing how my taste in clothes has evolved to be more modest.
Salt: Giving food life

Salt: Giving food life

Geethikaa Tarra April 20, 2022
Students share their experiences and opinions on salty flavors
Cupertino’s best boba destinations

Cupertino’s best boba destinations

Geethikaa Tarra and Devin Gupta February 13, 2022

Cupertino is a major hub for Asian cuisine, especially bubble tea, also known as boba. Many of us grow up visiting and trying boba from various stores in the area.  To find the best boba locations,...

My COVID repercussions

My COVID repercussions

Geethikaa Tarra November 27, 2021
Sharing the untimely and unexpected effects of contracting COVID-19
My sister, Samhitha, and I stand on the sofa brushing and playing with our maternal grandpas hair.

Having close relationships with grandparents is a privilege

Geethikaa Tarra October 20, 2021
Experiencing the joys and sorrows of creating or maintaining a meaningful bond with grandparents
Body goals

“Body goals”

Geethikaa Tarra September 21, 2021
Examining the toxicity behind using the phrase “body goals"
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