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To take or not to take

A tree depicting Linguistic Evolution through Latin roots. Graphic | Dhruvika Randad

Dhruvika Randad

November 17, 2018

Modern-day communication tells a tale of linguistic evolution since the day humans started to communicate with words and sounds that eventually lead to alphabets, scripts, pronunciation and accents that when put together, creates a code in itself: a language. “When the Roman Empire fell, the unique di...

Meet the 2018-19 French Honor Society officers

Sreya Kumar and Tina Low

September 28, 2018

French Honor Society (FHS) serves as an opportunity for students who are interested in the French culture to get involved at MVHS. The club goes beyond what is taught in the classroom, offering  hands-on experiences for students to learn about other aspects of culture such as French cuisine. FHS hol...

Banding together

Ramachandran introduces different gourmet cheeses at FHS' annual Fête du Fromage, the cheese festival. Photo by Swara Tewari

Swara Tewari, Features Editor

May 24, 2018

President of French Honor Society reflects on the club’s progress throughout the year

MVHS holds annual Culture Night

MVHS holds annual Culture Night

Priya Reddy and Elizabeth Han

April 13, 2018

he sound of a distant bass can be heard from the Olive Court, pounding away as groups of students pass by swiftly, making their way to the rally court where MVHS holds its annual Culture Night. Songs in Korean, Spanish, Japanese, French and Chinese blast into the evening air and people crowd around tables...

French Honor Society celebrates the Fête du Fromage

 A student puts cheese on her plate. FHS provided crackers and baguettes for students to spread different types of cheese on. Photo by Ilena Peng.

Ilena Peng

November 5, 2017

French Honor Society President and senior Anika Ramachandran stands beside a long table, showcasing various gourmet cheeses. In rapid French, she introduces each type of cheese and describes its cultural history. Ramachandran then stands back as the students surge forward, chatting excitedly and pil...

The impact of language: How languages can change lives

Ramachandran and other emebrs of the French Honor Society sample traditional food while socializing. Photo by Amanda Chen

Swara Tewari

September 12, 2017

Senior Anika Ramachandran proudly stands in the midst of her hard work, looking around at the bustling chaos of MVHS’s Culture Night. The rally court is decked in the colors of different countries, from China to France. On one side, students sample food from a myriad of cultures. On another, studen...

A new start for Madame Zahn

A new start for Madame Zahn

Alyssa Hui and Stuti Upadhyay

August 18, 2017

fter spending four years teaching at an international school in Boise, Idaho, new French teacher Janissa Zahn decided to start a new chapter in her life 680 miles away in Cupertino. Her family had always loved the West Coast, and she and her husband had been looking for a job for a while. So when sh...

French Honor Society hosts annual Fête du Fromage

French Honor Society hosts annual Fête du Fromage

Amanda Chan

November 19, 2016

At 3:30 p.m. on Nov. 18, French Honor Society members were seated at the desks in B213, introducing themselves to other members and sharing their favorite type of cheese. Many members giggled and smiled while other members shared their responses. It was the start of FHS’ annual Fête du Fromage, a...

French teachers discuss attack on Charlie Hebdo in classes

French teachers discuss attack on Charlie Hebdo in classes

Malini Ramaiyer

January 10, 2015

When junior Vidhi Tibrewala came to school on Thursday Jan. 8, she did not know about the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris. When someone mentioned it in her second period British Literature class, she asked her classmate what happened. Just some shooting. Very sad. Tibrewala moved on to third period ...

Franish Mashup incorporates Spanish and French in one social

Franish Mashup incorporates Spanish and French in one social

Angela Wang

December 1, 2012

French students had their first taste of Spanish culture as they walked through the doors of the Staff Lounge to Spanish singer Juanes’ “La Camisa Negra”. Held after school on Nov. 30, Franish Mashup marks the first time French Honor Society (FHS) and Spanish Honor Society (SHS) have teamed...

French Honor Society carries learning to San Francisco Broadway

French Honor Society carries learning to San Francisco Broadway

Simran Devidasani

August 27, 2012

He held her in his arms as she cried. The curtains closed, and before they opened again, the crowd stood up, applauding and cheering on the cast of “Les Miserables”, a play originally written and performed in French, but adapted in English. In the crowd stood several MVHS students — specifically,...

French debates return for another year

Kriti Garg

November 20, 2009

French Honor Society is hosting this Friday's debate Read More »...