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A new start for Madame Zahn

A new start for Madame Zahn

Alyssa Hui

August 18, 2017

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fter spending four years teaching at an international school in Boise, Idaho, new French teacher Janissa Zahn decided to start a new chapter in her life 680 miles away in Cupertino. Her family had always loved the West Coast, and she and her husband had been looking for a job for a while. So when sh...

Immersion is essential for effective language learning

Alina Abidi

November 20, 2013

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Math homework is hard to fake. There are odd answers in the back of the textbook, but for most assignments, a few lines of work and occasionally a diagram are required for each problem. There is no math workbook with fill-in-the-blank drawings and matching games that students can fill out during lunch...