El Estoque

Dear football,

MVHS football senior class of 2020. Photo | Anish Vasudevan

Anish Vasudevan

December 2, 2019

Dear Football, Thank you for teaching me about teamwork by showing me what happens when there’s a lack of it. Without the efforts of all 11 players on the field, our team would crumble. But, you showed me that when everyone played selflessly, the results were outstanding.  Thank you for showing m...

Hidden signatures painted on the walls

Hidden signatures painted on the walls

Sara Yang

December 7, 2011

An inconspicuous door in the gym lobby leads into the electrical room — one of many, only opened occasionally by custodians. But its colorful past is written on the walls. When the school first opened in 1969, the closet functioned as a hub of student activity, housing tempura paint for rally p...