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Lehigh Cement Company’s pollution issue

Sophomore Rachel Chen, part of the group that researched the Lehigh Cement Company emission issues, presents  more information about the plant's pollution.

Jefferson Le and Tina Low

November 24, 2019

MVHS students spoke against Lehigh Cement Company’s harmful emissions to nearby residents at a Youth In Action (YIA) Conference

Smog check: Volkswagen controversy raises questions

Steven Jacoby, president of Volkswagen in 2009, holds the Green Car of the Year Award. Volkswagen, along with 20 billion dollars in damages, now needs to return the eco-friendly awards it won in the past. Source: Ric Francis — AP

Jessica Xing

December 4, 2015

olkswagen sells customers on its efficient build, eco-friendly model and good prices, which is why English teacher Katie Evard was shocked to find out the diesel-run Volkswagen car she’s driven for four years produced up to forty times more nitrogen oxide than is legal under US standards. MVHS st...

AT&T cell tower proposed in Cupertino

AT&T cell tower proposed in Cupertino

Edward Wang

October 5, 2010

City weighs advantages, disadvantages of erecting local cell tower   Read More »...