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Giving back: Key Club’s Christmas carol

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Pan presents a slideshow in preparation for an annual Christmas Caroling event.

Tina Low

December 25, 2019

During the first week of December, members of Homestead HS’s Key Club went around local neighborhoods to distribute bags that offered the opportunity for residents to donate canned food. On Saturday, Dec. 14, members of Division 34 South, which includes Key Clubs from other high schools like MVHS, g...

Comparing Costs

Comparing Costs

Rucha Soman and Swara Tewari

October 23, 2019

Running: $65* Junior Rohan Agrawal explains that the cost of participating in both cross country and track and field isn’t too high, and he says it’s worth it. Agrawal adds that although the cost is technically a donation, paying for uniforms and apparel wouldn’t be possible without it. ...

Ask UNICEF: How donations can help the Syrian refugee crisis

Ask UNICEF: How donations can help the Syrian refugee crisis

Anjana Melvin

December 23, 2015

During the holiday season, people spend countless hours mulling over the perfect gift for their friends and family. But while we search for that one ideal present — the Michael Kors bag that Mom’s always wanted or the Marvel action figure that has your little brother’s face pressed against the...

The ALS ice water bucket challenge should be performed in California

Infographic by Avni Prasad

Avni Prasad

August 22, 2014

California is suffering from one of its worst droughts and certainly the ice bucket challenge is not helping with that problem. But, simultaneously, the ice bucket challenge is bringing awareness to Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In this gray zone, all there is left to do is compare the pros and...

Community service: MV Leo Club collaborates with De Anza Lions to hold food drive

Athira Penghat

December 4, 2013

At around noon, an old lady walked out of the Lucky’s in Saratoga on Nov. 24 with a cart of groceries. Instead of heading home, she stopped by the De Anza Lions food drive and donated several canned vegetables and a fat turkey. When asked why she donated, she replied, “I was once a person on the...