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New procedure implemented for submitting announcements

New announcements PDF form

Joyce Varma

January 24, 2013

A new system for announcements has been approved by administration, and is now in effect. The new system was proposed by Dean of Students Nico Flores because clubs were sending lengthy and unclear announcements to administration Clubs can now submit announcements through a PDF form, which can be...

Employee of the Year distinctions awarded

Principal April Scott speaks about science teacher Kavita Gupta’s achievements during the FUHSD Board of Trustees meeting on March 6. Gupta was awarded the Certified Employee of the Year distinction. Photo by Yaamini Venkataraman.

Aafreen Mahmood

March 7, 2012

During the Board of Trustees meeting held in the MVHS library on March 6, science teacher Kavita Gupta was awarded Certified Employee of the Year and senior clerical Dianne Howard as Classified Employee of the Year. According to Principal April Scott, the nominations for Employees and Student of t...

MVHS Employee of the Year distinctions awarded

Dianne Howard feature

Anushka Patil

February 4, 2012

Senior clerical Dianne Howard is about to answer a question about the best part of her job when science teacher Pooya Hajjarian, passing by the front desk, answers it for her."Seeing me everyday,” he said. It's easy, fun rapport like this that Howard has built with staff members that has helped earn her the distinction of being the Clas...