El Estoque

Busted: “The 15 – minute rule”

While chatting amongst themselves, students are patiently waiting for their teacher to unlock the classroom door.

Neha Ramchandani

February 5, 2014

MYTH: Students are allowed to leave campus if their teacher is more than 15 minutes late to class.  STUDENTS SAY: Senior Justine Kang remembers a particular incident when she was a TA for a class of freshmen. She was outside the classroom among the other students, patiently waiting for her teach...

Students and faculty commemorate Ruben Delgado

A photograph of Campus Supervisor Ruben Delgado is posted on a sign near the tennis courts, where the custodial staff has planted flowers in his memory. Delgado died March 23 of a heart attack, and students and staff have planned memorial services and other dedications. Photo by Amrutha Dorai.

Amrutha Dorai

March 30, 2013

Church service and memorial garden among plans to remember longtime campus supervisor’s life.   Read More »...

New teacher bridges three academic departments

New teacher bridges three academic departments

Jennifer Lee

August 24, 2012

Spanish 2. PE 9. U.S. Government and Economics. Individually, and occasionally in combinations of two, these three classes are commonly seen on schedules for teachers and students alike; but never have all three been grouped together at once. Meet Ashley Stolhand, one of the few people whose...

Running of the Bulls goes green

The administration's decision to provide start of school information on Schoolloop has reduced the size of the annual packet families receive.

Mihir Patil

August 23, 2012

Purple and gold is now going green. This year, the school went through its first eco-friendly Running of the Bulls, in which the administration requested that students print only the papers that they needed from the school website, saving both money and time for everyone involved. The start-of-s...

Starting off the New Year as Executive Assistant to the Principal

Starting off the New Year as Executive Assistant to the Principal

Tom Cheng

January 13, 2009

Former AP secretary Diana Goularte is given new position as Executive Assistant to the Principal Read More »...

Blooming Profits

Blooming Profits

Kai Kang

November 24, 2008

Poinsettia Sale Raises $12,000 for Music Department Poinsettia Drvie Banner - Kai Kang Read More »...