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Bouquet of orchids

Bouquet of orchids

Alyssa Hui, Claire Wen, Helen Chao, Hannah Lee, Herman Saini, and Collin Qian

April 9, 2019

The Malihini Orchid Society hosts the 2019 Annual Orchid Sale and Culture

Preparation for Synopsys Science Fair

Preparation for Synopsys Science Fair

Emily Xia

December 17, 2018

icropipettes. Microscopes. MATLAB XL. For members of the Research Club, these are just a few of the equipment pieces that may be used in their Synopsys Science Fair project, with the fair itself happening on March 14. However, many of the members are unaware of how to start experimentation. To allow t...

Student and professional holds laser show for MVHS I-Tech

Minh Bui

November 26, 2009

Senior Ben Steigerwald shares not only lasers but also his experience in the workplace Read More »...