El Estoque

Reflections from four Drama seniors

Reflections from four Drama seniors

Margaret Lin

March 17, 2013

  “It’s a home away from home,” senior Grant Menon said as he twisted around in his seat and gestured toward the black box. During the week of March 13 to March 16, El Estoque followed Menon and three other Drama seniors — Kaz Tarshis, Dania Khurshid and Vineet Vijaykumar — as ...

DRAMA: ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to open Oct. 25

Hamlet, played by junior Michael Goldman, attempts to converse with the ghost of his father (left), and Romeo, played by junior Rafael Ruiz, and Juliet, played by senior Kaz Tarshis, meet in secret (right). “Romeo and Juliet” opens on Oct. 25 and “Hamlet” opens on Oct. 26 in the black box (F104).

Yashashree Pisolkar

October 24, 2012

William Shakespeare’s works are the second-bestselling pieces of literature in the world — the Bible being the first and the Agatha Christie mystery books being the third — according to set designer and MV drama’s fall production co-director, Kit Wilder. And just as we witness the wrath of ...

Muslims in America

Junior Ismat Junaid, senior Arif Hasan, junior Dania Khurshid, sophomore Zuhayeer Musa: Though all from Islamic backgrounds, these four students, with religious identifications ranging from agnostic to sermon-giver, have practiced the religion to varying degrees at one time or another. Photo illustration by Christophe Haubursin.

Sara Yang

April 9, 2012

In our April issue, Special Report documented the intersection of cultures for students, parents and teachers. One such story focused on freshman Anwar Ali-Ahmad, his parents and their experiences as a Muslim family in America. Here, we feature four more stories of students with Islamic background...

Aspiring authors team up to take on NaNoWriMo

Aspiring authors team up to take on NaNoWriMo

Amrutha Dorai

November 1, 2011

The author of this article spent an hour staring at her computer screen wondering where to start. Juniors Ellen Do and Dania Khurshid will not have any such luxury. Come November, Do and Khurshid will have no time for writer’s block: they are collaborating to write a book during National Novel Writing Month. The basic challenge of NaNoWriMo, ...