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MV Microfinance presents Kiva charity proposal to the FUHSD Board

Sophomores and MV Microfinance officers Devin Gupta, Arnav Doshi, and Ojas Karnavat present their proposal to the FUHSD board to get their charity organization, Kiva, permanently approved for further use by the club throughout the year.

Ishaani Dayal

November 22, 2019

n Tuesday, Nov. 5, MV Microfinance president and sophomore Ojas Karnavat stood at the podium, joined by two other officers, to present a charity proposal to the FUHSD board. His goal was to have the Board approve the microfinance nonprofit organization Kiva, a nonprofit organization that lends money to ...

Homecoming Rally 2019

“I thought this Homecoming Rally was better [than the Welcome Back Rally],” freshman Arushi Shah said. “There were more activities, they were more fun, and then it was decorated better. I just thought it was a really nice experience to be a part of.”

Lakshanyaa Ganesh and Oishee Misra

October 13, 2019

Despite scheduling changes the Homecoming Rally successfully kicks off Homecoming Week

Catching Some Smoke: First US Vaping Deaths Occur

Many say the inconspicuous look of e-cigarette's contribute to their popularity among students. Photo by Sean Yagi

Sean Yagi, Staff Writer

September 27, 2019

n recent months, there has been a rise in the number of e-cigarette related deaths occurring in the United States, notable cases striking as close as central California. Professionals speculate that the deaths are due to the flavoring chemicals used in e-cigarettes. The recent deaths have only st...

Behind the budget: School Site Council 2018-19

Behind the budget: School Site Council 2018-19

Kamyar Moradi and Brian Xu

April 12, 2019

ield trips are often hallmarks of many students’ high school experiences. For them, memories are created while traveling outside of their mundane daily routines. However, the work put into funding these trips to Southern California, New York or even a 25-minute drive to Great America remain larg...

2019 FUHSD Board of Trustees meeting at MVHS

2019 FUHSD Board of Trustees meeting at MVHS

Rana Aghababazadeh

March 11, 2019

Fhe Fremont Union High School District Board of Trustees met on March 5 at MVHS. Prior to the open session held in the MVHS library, principal Ben Clausnitzer cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening of the MVHS Gym Lobby. The opening included a performance by the marching band and refreshments and desserts ...

2-0-2-0 po-ta-to

2-0-2-0 po-ta-to

Claire Wen and Jasmine Lee

October 18, 2018

The shock on senior class members’ faces. The collective cheer from the junior class derived from the surprise twist. The excitement of watching skits being put together with hours of labor is replaced by the nervous anticipation at the rally as students’ curiosity regarding the winner of Homecom...