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Defining spirit: Tall & Short, homecoming 2013

Yuna Lee September 29, 2013

rom quad decs to dress-up days to the rally, Homecoming gives students plenty of opportunities to display their class spirit. With all students participating in the festivities to varying extents, the...

Senior Anu Vaishnav recalls the time when she used to compete in her Marching band uniform. Recently, however, Vaishanv and her Marching Band teammates have not competed in their uniforms for a while since the program has been cut due to stressors such as lack of student interest and budget. Photo by Yashashree Pisolkar.

Marching band discontinued for remainder of school year

Yashashree Pisolkar September 10, 2013

The music department suspends Marching Band due to lack of student interest and unjustifiable budget usage. For students who enjoy the performing arts as well as team rivalry, the marching band is a...

SOUND OFF: MVHS discusses the Welcome Back Rally

SOUND OFF: MVHS discusses the Welcome Back Rally

Bryan Wang September 1, 2012

Connie Chang Junior Listen to Chang's point of view here. "Overall, they try to make the system as fair as possible, but I feel there's always a little senior bias.           Jeffrey...

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