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To all the sports Ive done before: Track

To all the sports I’ve done before: Track

Sophia Chen May 24, 2022
How I learned to accept not being the best at every sport I’ve done
Redefining my grief

Redefining my grief

Matthew Yoshimoto May 22, 2022
Reflecting on how I dealt with the loss of my dog
Photo by Diya Bahl

Under my skin

Diya Bahl May 8, 2022
Unlearning the burden of physical insecurities
Is it too much?

Is it too much?

April 27, 2022
A walk down memory lane, showing how my taste in clothes has evolved to be more modest.
Photography has been an outlet for my emotions and it provides me with an important escape. But it’s more than that; each photo I take serves as a capture of my personality at the time, a published copy of my state of mind.

A manuscript for moments

Aditya Shukla, Staff Writer April 26, 2022
How photography helped me embrace my flaws
Not having those photos horrified me, and even knowing I could remember some of things, I couldnt help but feel as if all of my memories had become blurred. Graphic by April Wang

Enjoy the moment, not the photo

April Wang, Copy Editor April 23, 2022

When El Estoque took a trip to the JEA/NSPA National Journalism Convention in Los Angeles this year, I was ecstatic. Four days with little adult supervision, what a freaking miracle! Down with vegetables!...

Portraits of the eight people I interviewed during my four day stay in New York City.

The humans I met in New York

Krish Dev April 19, 2022

It had been more than two years since the last time I had been on a plane, but after finding a ticket to New York City for $70 and having some time to kill, I booked a four day adventure. I boarded the...

Senior Sophia Chen attempts the final shot during the CCS Quarterfinals game against Evergreen Valley High School. Photo by Anna Jerolimov

To all the sports I’ve done before: Basketball

Sophia Chen April 19, 2022
How I learned to pour my heart into the game
Although it is easy to obsess over the time you have been clean, it is important to recognize the strength it took you to get clean in the first place

Reclaiming my body from myself

Aashi Venkat April 12, 2022
Coming to terms with the aftermath of my self harm addiction


Exploring various types of conversations in our community
People often assume others racial identity based on preconceived notions surrounding their physical appearance.

White passing

Anna Jerolimov March 31, 2022
Forcing mixed race people to choose one reinforces arbitrary racial categories
Living with depression and anxiety

Living with depression and anxiety

Shivani Madhan March 21, 2022
My experiences being diagnosed with mental health challenges
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