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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

My sister and I dressed in traditional Indian clothes in preparation for a family photoshoot. Photo courtesy of Raghuram Venkatasubramanian | Used with permission

Dear Trisha,

Aashi Venkat February 14, 2024

Dear Trisha, We were both kids when our mother died. Despite this, you took a proactive role in filling the seemingly endless void that emerged as a result of this loss: you never had to dye my hair...

Cross-country and badminton were the two sports that I competed in during middle school.

Photo illustration by Aidan Ruan

Past the finish line

Aidan Ruan December 8, 2023

I hated cross country. I hated the sharp burning in my lungs each time I breathed. I hated the cramps and the stiffness in my muscles after each race. I hated the nausea that emerged as I became more...

The tendency to constantly doubt everything I do is one that has always followed me around.

Out of my head

Riya Murthy, Staff Writer December 1, 2023

I can’t remember the last time I did something without overthinking it. Thinking “why would I do this” and “what could happen” and “what did they think” is, to me, as much a part of completing...

Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking

Riya Murthy November 3, 2023
How I realized what hope means to me
Power napping played an important role in fixing my sleep schedule.

Napping 101

Aidan Ruan September 29, 2023

I take a lot of naps. In fact, I can confidently say that I can nap anywhere at any given moment. What’s more is that these naps aren't limited to merely resting my head on the table during class;...

The task of cleaning my room always seemed so unachievable I would just give up after trying for a few minutes.

Does this spark joy?

Sarah Liu September 28, 2023
How I learned to clean my room
Finding my voice

Finding my voice

Alyssa Yang June 11, 2023
Understanding how to let myself be heard
The 2021-2022 El Estoque staff poses for a group photo at the end of my first late night.

A new voice of my own

Krish Dev June 4, 2023

Logging onto Zoom for fourth period was far more daunting than I had anticipated. Not only was this class an entirely new experience for me, but it was also the day I had to make a crucial decision: choosing...

Voicing my insecurities

Voicing my insecurities

Meggie Chen June 2, 2023
Learning to stop disliking my own voice
From self-sufficiency to self-destruction

From self-sufficiency to self-destruction

Kripa Mayureshwar June 2, 2023
Understanding how my obsession with independence led to isolation
In my own world

In my own world

Krish Dev May 31, 2023

As a 4 year old, visiting Disneyland was a dream come true — seeing my favorite characters in real life, surrounded by mesmerizing sights and sounds made me feel like I was transported to another world....

My grandparents struggled to accept my academically-inclined nature, attempting instead to have me stick with more traditional beliefs.

Bridging the gender gap

Tvisha Gupta April 15, 2023
Working with my grandparents to break their traditional beliefs
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