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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

I was formally diagnosed with depression and anxiety nearing a year ago, and sharing about it in any form felt like I was viscerally tearing myself open.

Spill Your Guts

April Wang, Staff Writer March 3, 2023

Honestly, I’m okay with being vulnerable about my depression and anxiety. I know there’s a stigma against people with mental illnesses, but personally, it was never that I was afraid of...

My dog and I tend to think and feel very similarly, translating over into how we treat and perceive others

Sharing a brain and heart

Aashi Venkat March 2, 2023
How my connection with my dog has impacted my perception of love
Dino nugget girl

Dino nugget girl

Gauri Manoj February 17, 2023
Examining the consequences of my picky-eating
Graphic | Irene Tang

A letter

Irene Tang February 12, 2023
For my ex-best friend
The moment the emptiness began to feel like too much, I crammed my schedule full of work.

Stressing about no stress

Tvisha Gupta February 8, 2023
Giving myself the room to breathe while unlearning my constant need to work
An inside scoop: Broadway star Derek Klena is currently ranked 5th on my list.

The 101 loves of my life

Jiya Singh December 21, 2022
Revealing the reasons behind my long list of celebrity men
Far but close

Far but close

Arjun Dhruv, Staff Writer December 20, 2022

A mix of tears and blood ran down my face. I wasn’t in pain — I was frustrated that I could do nothing to get back at her. The voices of my parents yelling at my sister and I faded out, and I simply...

Back to home

Back to home

Eshika Tiwari December 14, 2022
A story of how my relationship with my dad grew.
My first teaching experiences all began with speech. Illustration | April Wang

Lessons on teaching

April Wang, Copy Editor November 28, 2022

Honestly, I think I’m a good teacher. That wasn’t really something I ever thought I’d say. It still isn’t. Looking at all my favorite teachers, they’ve always been patient. Professional....

As a kid, I loved books. However, the farther I got into high school, the more I lost my passion for reading.

Picking up the pages

Tvisha Gupta November 13, 2022

The words of the book on my lap spiraled around me as I read through the slow city scene detailed in the pages in front of me. The characters laughed, cheered and chattered excitedly as they clung to each...

Dismantling the ‘girlboss’ in the mirror

April Wang, Copy Editor October 7, 2022

I remember the first time I watched “Mulan,” I was enamored with Mulan’s countless shows of strength and skill. I saw her as the epitome of a strong Chinese woman, and thought to myself that she...

Encouraging people to suppress their emotions results in a dangerous internal buildup, at which point the person struggling is bound to erupt

There’s silence before the eruption

Aashi Venkat September 2, 2022
How I am unlearning the so-called “emotional maturity” I was trained to display as a child
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