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Hiring coaches for dummies

Understanding the process behind how sports coaches are hired. Illustration by Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee

February 5, 2020

Understanding the process behind how sports coaches are hired

Water Polo: A fresh start

Love (left) has a brief discussion with Jarvis (right) during a water polo practice after school. Communication between the two new coaches is necessary to keep the program running smoothly.

ZaZu Lippert

August 12, 2017

Co-reported by Anish Vasudevan.  ollowing a rocky last season after both varsity teams finished with losing records, the water polo program is looking to bounce back and pave way for stronger and more successful teams this year. Now with new coaches, a new regiment and a newer purpose of establish...

Behind the scenes: Coaches and coordinators facilitate activities away from the spotlight

Monique Balentine sits at the desk where she coordinates the Study Buddies Society program. She organizes student tutors so that struggling students can be helped. Photograph by Tanisha Dasmunshi

Tanisha Dasmunshi

October 11, 2013

[col type="1_2" class=""][title type="h1"]Monique Balentine[/title] Study Buddies Society [divider type="space_thin"] [dropcap1]F[/dropcap1]or three hours a day, Monique Balentine runs the Study Buddies Society program in a quiet corner of the library — often unseen. Although she has been at MVHS...

Full-time students, overtime coaches

Full-time students, overtime coaches

Edward Wang

September 18, 2010

Three seniors coach middle school volleyball after school   Read More »...