Water Polo: A fresh start


Love (left) has a brief discussion with Jarvis (right) during a water polo practice after school. Communication between the two new coaches is necessary to keep the program running smoothly.

ZaZu Lippert

Co-reported by Anish Vasudevan. 

Following a rocky last season after both varsity teams finished with losing records, the water polo program is looking to bounce back and pave way for stronger and more successful teams this year. Now with new coaches, a new regiment and a newer purpose of establishing MVHS water polo as a CCS contender, the team has been since a few weeks before the start of school. Click on the images below to read different stories about the team’s upcoming year, from the perspective of players or from the perspective of the coaches.


The coaches 

New coaches Chris Love and Mike Jarvis talk about their plans for the 2017 season.



The veteran 

Senior Olivia Lassa, who has been on the team for three years, is excited about the year despite the possibility of an injury.