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Analyzing the effects of declining cafeteria sales

Cafeteria sales have declined since the 2017-2018 school year.

Robert Liu

November 9, 2018

The new 2018-19 bell schedule has led to drastic changes in lunch line sales, compared to last year’s numbers. According to Food Services Manager Debbie Herrera, brunch sales this month have increased by 1,000 meals, compared to last year in September. Lunch sales, however, have decreased by nearly 3,000 ...

Cafeteria Price Changes

Cafeteria Price Changes

Hannah Lee

October 19, 2017

n June 2017, the FUHSD board increased the price of meals from $4.00 to $4.50 and decided to include a water bottle with every meal. The price of meals has not been raised since 2014. FUHSD decided to charge students higher prices because of the increasing cost of food, labor and other necessary supplies. Check ...

The top five cafeteria foods at MVHS

The top five cafeteria foods at MVHS

Avni Prasad

February 15, 2015

According to food services manager Debbie Herrera, the most commonly bought food items at the cafeteria are the hamburgers, cookies, Snapple drinks, chicken wings and pizza sticks. To get the student body’s take on these popular lunch items, El Estoque spoke with 50 students to see what they thought. &nb...

Changes to locker assignments and ID cards affect first week of school

 Freshmen wait in line for Running of the Bulls outside the cafeteria on Aug. 12. Some students were not aware of the location change, but overall, administration and volunteers preferred the cafeteria over the field house. Photo by Elia Chen.

Elia Chen

August 15, 2014

  On Aug. 11 and 12, students arrived at MVHS for Running of the Bulls, expecting it to be similar to last year’s. However, this year administration altered several aspects of Running of the Bulls, including the dates of locker assignments and the location of the event. These changes were...

Class of 2014: Seniors’ favorite places on campus

Class of 2014: Seniors' favorite places on campus

Kristin Chang

May 5, 2014

Reported by Kristin Chang and Harini Shyamsundar. Although seniors may be ready to flee the MVHS coop, there are still those on-campus nooks and crannies where nostalgia is abound. Where dozens of homework assignments have been hastily scrawled, hundreds of sandwiches have been eaten and thousand...

Meet the new building

Meet the new building

Rhonda Mak

May 1, 2014

Photos by Colin Ni. Illustration by Rhonda Mak. Image not to scale. Hover over the image to take a look inside!

Expectations for the new cafeteria

Expectations for the new cafeteria

Varsha Venkat

April 23, 2014

Students and staff share their thoughts on the new building and their hopes for its future use. Read More »...

Debbie Herrera becomes new Food Services supervisor

New Food Services supervisor Debbie Herrera stands in front of a food truck. Lunch is temporarily being served from the trucks while the cafeteria undergoes construction. Photo by Lydia Seo.

Lydia Seo

November 14, 2013

Former restaurant and MVHS cafeteria chef replaces Frank Lihn as Food Services supervisor. Read More »...

Behind the scenes: Food on wheels

Ruba Shaik

October 10, 2013

eeding a school with over 2000 students is no easy feat, but it is a job that cafeteria supervisor Debbie Herrera and her six-person team manage to accomplish everyday without fail. Throughout the school year, Herrera’s day begins at 4 a.m. and continues well into the afternoon. But despite long ho...

Matador Meadow: A positive venture for students

Matador Meadow: A positive venture for students

Ashley Ding

May 4, 2013

If you’ve walked behind the B building recently, you’ve probably noticed a small patch of soil enclosed by a fence. It is a modest size, measuring 30 by 24 feet. This is the new MVHS garden known as the Matador Meadow. Completely student run, the garden is a wonderful idea that has been successful...

Perspectives on cafeteria demolition

Perspectives on cafeteria demolition

Athira Penghat

April 10, 2013

Despite the numerous changes made to the campus since it was first opened in 1969, the building housing the cafeteria had never been touched —  until the morning of April 4, when it was demolished. This deconstruction is part of plans to construct a new building that will be unveiled for student use in...