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Breaking the bubble

Breaking the bubble

Tanish Mendki and Michelle Chen December 10, 2021
CDC gives complete approval to the COVID-19 vaccine, authorizing its administration for ages 5-11
Scott Victorine pulls out a purple guitar from his small collection he has in closet during tutorial to play.

Leveling up a hobby

Sonia Verma, Staff Writer October 23, 2021
History Teacher Scott Victorine describes his passion for guitars
Photo by Taralynn Kang | Used with permission

Reviewing Inktober 2021

Amber Milesi, Staff Writer October 12, 2021

mong the numerous fall activities that take place during October, Inktober is an art challenge in which artists create a new, completed piece every day of the month, usually based on a one-word prompt....

50 Questions with Brian Chow

50 Questions with Brian Chow

Krish Dev, Website Editor September 22, 2021

Inspired by Vogue’s video series “73 Questions,” El Estoque sits down with Art teacher Brian Chow to ask him 50 questions. Chow shares his most embarrassing moment, his favorite childhood memory...

Arm problems

Lance Tong and Neysa Singh May 15, 2021
How arm pains and injuries have impacted athletes at MVHS
An oil painting of oranges done by MVHS alumnus Brett Park

Art after high school

Kripa Mayureshwar April 4, 2021
The stigma against pursuing non-STEM related paths after high school
A digital drawing made by Olivia Tsui of her friends character Finn.

“That’s not REAL art”

Mikaylah Du, Staff Writer January 26, 2021
Exploring what is or isn't considered proper art
A staff member at the Museum of Ice Cream takes photos of visitors in the sprinkle pit.

Selfie factories

Ayah Ali-Ahmad February 2, 2020
Examining the rise of interactive art museums over traditional art museums
Decor Dilemma: Exploring the ideas teachers have for designing their classrooms

Decor Dilemma: Exploring the ideas teachers have for designing their classrooms

Teachers begin redesigning their classrooms for the new school year
MVHS Art Festival

MVHS Art Festival

Tina Low May 5, 2019

MVHS art teacher Brian Chow smiled as he watched his youngest daughter goofily finger paint a piece of paper. He took a few quick pictures on his phone, pleased that she seemed to be enjoying herself. Chow...

Valentines Day: How we met

Valentine’s Day: How we met

Helen Chao and Emma Lam February 14, 2018

In the very beginning, Art teacher Brian Chow and Biology teacher Pamela Chow didn’t have a strong impression of one another when meeting for the first time at a new teacher orientation. However, one...

How to draw using Pablo Picasso’s cubist style

How to draw using Pablo Picasso’s cubist style

Meghna Gaddam October 25, 2015

In honor of Pablo Picasso’s birthday on October 25th, Art teacher Brian Chow demonstrates how to imitate Picasso’s famed art style, Cubism. Video By- Meghna Gaddam, Demonstration By- Brian Chow,...

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