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Smashing barriers: Badminton Club hosts open gyms for students

Junior Alvin Tian performs a jump smash during a doubles match of badminton.

Robert Liu

October 24, 2019

Examining officer and team member perspectives on the parallels between the club and the MVHS badminton team

Badminton: Why they began playing

Julia Yang and Collin Qian

February 8, 2019

He hid from the sun in his sister’s shadow as they walked together towards the MVHS field house. As he approached the entrance, all he could hear were whooshing sounds of rackets slicing in the air. His sister was on the badminton team and had brought him to an open gym, and this was the first time...

Badminton Club: Purpose of open gyms

Badminton Club: Purpose of open gyms

Karen Ma

December 9, 2015

ith finals in less than a week and students bustling to study for exams, finish their essays and calculate the scores needed on the finals to get their desired grades, it’s difficult to imagine spending even a few hours on anything else. However, a few members of the Badminton Club continue to set...

Badminton Club’s Halloween Mini-Tourney

Badminton Club’s Halloween Mini-Tourney

Karen Ma

November 10, 2015

t 5 PM on the night before Halloween, the doors to the field house open and members of the Badminton Club pour in, each carrying an equipment bag for rackets, shoes and water. Normally, a Friday would mean a fun, welcoming day of open gym, where players would play casual games and get to know one another...