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Photo courtesy of Ramachandra Srinivas

Science Olympiad officers’ humble beginnings

Claire Wen March 12, 2020
Leaders reflect on why they joined the club and their favorite memories
The new class set of TI-Nspire graphing calculators stand in their chargers in AP Physics C teacher Jim Birdsongs classroom. Photo by Alyssa Umino.

AP Physics C stands to benefit from new TI-Nspires

Alyssa Umino September 9, 2019
Class set of graphing calculators purchased to thwart cheating in AP Physics C
Photo used courtesy of Creative Commons

Biology Club: Taking the USA Biology Olympiad

Claire Yang February 8, 2019
Past USABO competitors introduce USABO and their experiences with the competition
Photo used courtesy of Creative Commons

USA Biology Olympiad: A challenge for biology lovers

Claire Yang December 12, 2017
Students discuss why they want to participate in the USA Biology Olympiad
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