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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Personal computers

Personal computers

Ayah Ali-Ahmad April 1, 2021
Why students built their own custom machines
The ability to personalize  home screens and iPhone interfaces has led to a trend following the release of iOS14. Graphic by TechnoSports

The age of customization: iOS14 and its widgets

Ishaani Dayal October 25, 2020
Apple’s newest software update allows iPhone users to be more flexible with their app organization than ever before
Big Apple, Little City: Looking at Apples influence on Cupertino

Big Apple, Little City: Looking at Apple’s influence on Cupertino

Nathan Stevens April 17, 2017

e wakes up to the sound of an alarm ringing from his iPhone 7. Walking over to his closet, he chooses what to wear from one of the 30 Apple t-shirts he owns. He then packs his backpack, only putting in...

A look back at Apple’s past

A look back at Apple’s past

Roshan Fernandez March 31, 2017

pple is one of the biggest phenomenons of our generation, especially here in Cupertino. With a new headquarters currently being constructed, the company has came a long way since it was founded in 1976....

Its jacked up: the deal with Apple AirPods

It’s jacked up: the deal with Apple AirPods

Ilena Peng September 22, 2016

Bill Gates is a very rich man today ... and do you want to know why? The answer is one word: versions.” -Dave Barry Companies get sick of making new products. But making new versions of products never...

Photo by Valery Marchive via Flickr

Tim Cook’s remarks about cheap computers being “test machines” raise questions at MVHS

Itay Barylka December 17, 2015

Tim Cook is apparently not thrilled with the way the education technology sphere is currently moving. In an interview with Buzzfeed News, he called the low-end laptops that have been gaining a steady amount...

picture of the three apple watches that will be released in early 2015

TECH TALK: Apple Inc. seeks to monopolize the technology industry

Varsha Venkat September 14, 2014

ust when people started to believe that Apple Inc. was headed downhill with its stagnant sales over the past couple years and the recent iCloud leak, the company came back with a new mission: expand...

Dua uses five criteria to determine his investment in any particular company. Photo illustration by Joyce Varma.

Senior profits from investment in Tesla

Joyce Varma November 26, 2013

Senior Samarth Dua invests in stock market and makes over $15,000. Senior Samarth Dua brings a small black notebook to school everyday. This isn’t a regular notebook for any particular class,...

Apple Campus 2 will benefit Cupertino by creating more money and jobs

Alina Abidi November 9, 2013

Students complain that Cupertino is a small town where nothing ever happens. We do not live in a big city, like our neighbors in San Jose or San Francisco, and our limited scandals are usually academic....

Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, passed away on Oct. 5. Photo courtesy of segagman at flickr.

Community honors life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs

Karishma Mehrotra October 5, 2011

Community members honored the life of Steve Jobs on Oct. 5 at a memorial set up at Apple Headquarters on N. De Anza Blvd. The crowd that gathered ranged from Apple employees to fans who had traveled...

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